The Guilty and Surge Movie Reviews Men on the Verge of Breakdowns – Rolling Stone

One Area, One 911 Contact, One Angry Cop: ‘The Guilty’ Pushes Jake Gyllenhaal to the Advantage

Jake Gyllenhaal’s fresh thriller, The Guilty , has a healthy cast checklist which includes Ethan Hawke, Riley Keough, Paul Dano, Peter Sarsgaard, Eli Goree, comedian Costs Burr, and the fantastic Da’Vine Pleasure Randolph ( Dolemite Will be My Title ). You earned’t see some of them in the film. You’ll hear a substantial amount of them, though. Randolph simply because a exhausted dispatcher for California Highway Patrol; Hawke because the understanding-ish sergeant that Gyllenhaal’s personality, officer Joe Baylor, as soon as proved helpful under; Keogh and Sarsgaard as a couple of in serious difficulty.

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Review House of Gucci Ok. House of Gaga Hell Yes! Rolling Stone

‘Home of Gucci’? Alright. Home of Gaga? Hell Indeed!

We are able to’t confirm the precise amount, but by conservative estimates, we counted approximately a half-dozen different films going on within the fashionable hallways and glamorous wings of Home of Gucci, occasionally rubbing up seductively against one another and frequently colliding head-on, leaving everyone somewhat dazed. An instant rundown:
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