Overwatch heroes shown in swimsuits – new “Summer Games” trailer has been released

Overwatch heroes were shown in swimsuits – the trailer of the new “Summer Games” was released

Blizzard has published a trailer of the temporary “Summer Games” event, which has already started in the competitive shooter Overwatch. It will last until August 10. The video shows characters in new unique looks having fun playing soccer and relaxing on the beach.

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All we know about the Steam Deck portable console, what it’s going to be like, who should buy it, and whether or not it’s worth the price of adventuring

Everything we know about the Steam Deck handheld console: what it’s going to be, who should buy it, and what pitfalls it has to offer — Parsing the information

The other day Valve announced its own Steam Deck hybrid console. It boasts 2 teraflops of performance, Steam library access, microSD storage expansion, and TV and monitor playability. The basic version of the device will cost $399 ($29).6 thousand rubles). Will Steam Deck kill the Nintendo console, or is Valve’s brainchild doomed to fail?? Read about it in the article or watch the video!

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Take a look at No Man’s Sky,” Cyberpunk 2077’s lead designer explained why developers aren’t communicating with

“Look at No Man’s Sky: Cyberpunk 2077’s lead designer revealed why developers don’t communicate with players

The difficult launch of Cyberpunk 2077 during the pandemic gave the CD Projekt RED team a hard time. The release was overrun with bugs, bugs, and flaws. Since then, the developers have been releasing patches to fix the flaws, but have barely communicated with players. Why is this the case, said the leading quest designer Pawel Sasko (Pawel Sasko).

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