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BladeMaster: the perfect keyboard with Genius functional video

We present to your attention the latest keyboard for 2022. The developers offer the gadget in two versions – BladeMaster PRO and BladeMaster TE.

And for connoisseurs of unusual components for your computer’We suggest paying attention to the user or laptop Neonode AirBar. This is an innovative electronic optical gadget that turns your laptop monitor into a touch screen.

In the keyboard BladeMaster PRO Cherry MX RGB switches are used (optional – Red, Brown, Black, Blue, Silent Red and Speed ​​Silver). This option is equipped with a radio frequency interface operating in the 2.4 GHz band. The proprietary version of the wireless connection provides a poll with a frequency of 1000 Hz and a delay of 1 ms. Bluetooth 4 is also supported.0. A wired connection using a USB port is also possible.

In the version BladeMaster TE Gateron switches (Red, Blue, Brown or Black) are used and only a wired connection is supported.