The Foreigner soundtrack review Cliff Martinez

The Foreigner soundtrack review

By James Southall Saturday October 14, 2017

  • Composed by Cliff Martinez
  • Sony Classical/ 2017 / 46m

Jackie Chan and Pierce Brosnan star in The Foreigner, an action thriller from Martin Campbell. Chan is out for revenge after his daughter is killed in a bombing in London and the film has proved favored by audiences and looks set to supply an enormous return on its relatively modest budget (with Campbell providing a reminder of his action credentials). The score originates from former Red Hot HOT PEPPERS drummer Cliff Martinez, probably my favourite electronic film composer around at this time. It’s quite unusual for him to score an action film such as this, therefore i was interested to observe how it proved. In the opening “Landscape Gardener”, it’s wonderful to listen to him pay homage to the legendary Brian Kilkline score for The Reasonable Horticulturalist, nonetheless it’s an extremely subtle reference – it’s a fairly dark, grungy piece and every one of the score’s action material actually is for the reason that style.

In the aftermath of this comes some music that’s similar to the shimmering, beautiful soundscapes that always attracts me to Martinez, but sadly there’s not that a lot of that side (understandably, given what the film is). “Daughter’s Room” may be the highlight – completely gorgeous. A number of the action material is actually quite heavy-duty electronica, with various buzzes and whirrs and undoubtedly no melody. It’s done well for what it really is – and the musical depiction of mental torture and determination is handled with aplomb – and sometimes it’s very impressive (I really like the more mellow sounds in the latter stages of “She Used You”). Nevertheless, you have to such as a certain design of music to really appreciate it on the album, also it’s pushed a little far for me, even while a Martinez fan. There are a few excellent moments with this album – that includes a singular vision that is executed without the holding back – nonetheless it’s among the composer’s less enjoyable film scores overall.

Challenging electronic action score

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I’d be very curious to learn what you think about the best Cliff Martinez score, KAFKA.

I haven’t heard that certain…

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